AI Pioneers Share Insights into Industry Development at AI Chips and Systems Workshop

(Hong Kong – 24 May 2019) Initiated by IEEE EDS Hong Kong Chapter and co-organised by United Microelectronics Centre (Hong Kong) Limited and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation, the AI Chips and Systems Workshop was a great success. We gathered the AI pioneers from foreign and local universities and companies to share their insights into the industry development. The workshop participants were excited about the sharing and gave very positive feedbacks.

Dr. Mei Kei Ieong, CEO of UMEC(HK) started the workshop by analysing the current situation of the AI industry in Hong Kong. He explained the problems encountered in the AI chip development, for example, von Neumann bottleneck, performance gap between the microprocessor and the memory, energy efficiency, etc. and provided possible solutions to the problems. Prof. Tim Cheng, Dean of Engineering of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology introduced their project on 3D Hybrid Processor-Memory System, which provides high accuracy with low power consumption and high performance. Prof. Martin Wong, Dean of Engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong shared the emerging AI techniques that help solve some fundamental problems of the EDA. He further elaborated the ideas from 2 aspects, AI on FPGA and AI on GPU.

Prof. Ngai Wong, Associate Professor of the University of Hong Kong introduced the HKU’s initiatives on AI and explained how tensors can be applied to machine learning. Dr. Francois Andrieu, Head of the Advanced CMOS Laboratory, CEA-LETI, France shared about their CMOS and memory technology for edge computing. Prof. H.-S. Philip Wong, Professor of Stanford University elaborated the N3XT system, which can achieve 1,000X energy efficiency. He also explained the research project from Prof. Shimeng Yu, Associate Professor of Georgia Institute of Technology about the opportunities brought by the machine learning accelerators. Finally, Prof. Hao Yu, Professor of Southern University of Science and Technology introduced his research on machine learning accelerators that has low power consumption and high throughput.

We also hosted a panel discussion to investigate the necessary resources and actions for fostering the AI chips and systems research in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area. The industry experts from Huawei, Synopsys and ASM Pacific Technology expressed their opinions on this issue. In summary, government support and investment are important to encourage the regional development of the AI industry. Meanwhile, the synergy between the academia and the industry will further enrich the entire ecosystem.

AI practitioners gathered to learn about the industry development

Highlights of the AI Chips and Systems Workshop


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