Dr. Mei Kei Ieong Brings Artificial Intelligence Insights to 2019 Smart China Expo

The 2019 Smart China Expo was held from 26 to 29 August 2019 in Chongqing International Expo, focusing on the latest technologies in the big data and smart industries. It comprised a series of events including conferences, exhibitions, contests and forums. It was jointly organized by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology, The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and the China Association for Science and Technology.

We are honoured that Dr. Mei Kei Ieong, CEO of UMEC(HK) was invited to share about the artificial intelligence (AI) chips and CMOS technology at the Integrated Circuit (IC) Industry Development Forum on 27 August 2019. Dr. Ieong regarded AI chips as the foundation of the AI industry, that significantly improve the accuracy of data analysis and energy efficiency. He stated that new architecture is required to overcome the Von-Neumann memory bottleneck of the traditional computing architecture. System integration, new EDA tools, new interface standards and well-established ecosystem will be the key to the future development. He also introduced the latest CMOS technology that enhances the chip performance with reduced energy consumption.

UMEC(HK) will be the connection between Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, bringing top academia and industry talents together to promote the AI chip technology advancement and contribute to the entire industry development.

Dr. Mei Kei Ieong, CEO of UMEC(HK) shared about the AI chips development at the Integrated Circuit (IC) Industry Development Forum