Dr. Ryan Chung Shares AI Trends at 2019 NeuHelium AI Chip Forum

The 2019 NeuHelium AI Chip Forum took place at the Changyang Campus in Shanghai from 30 to 31 August 2019, covering the hottest topics in artificial intelligence (AI) and neuromorphic computing. The forum gathered more than 20 global scientists, industry experts and entrepreneurs to express their view on diversified AI topics.

Dr. Ryan Chung, Vice President of UMEC(HK) was honoured to be one of the speakers of the forum, sharing on the topic of “AI Chips and Systems Applications”. He highlighted the AI edge computing not only helps conserve communication bandwidth and increase the overall energy efficiency, but also at the same time spawn new challenges and opportunities to specialized AI circuit design and the IC and system design industry. He shared two developing AI edge computing chips: high performance AI edge computing chips with proprietary algorithm that achieve up to 1,000X compression ratio while maintaining a high accuracy computation for computer vision applications, and ultra-low power AI edge computing chips with total power consumption less than 10mW for AIoT applications. Lots of companies are investing and developing the AI chips and systems. According to Dr. Chung, the key that differentiates these companies and decides the speed of development lie in the clear user scenario and its applications.

Facing the rapid development of AI, UMEC(HK) devotes much resources in research and development of the AI chips and related technologies. We aim at building an ecosystem to enhance the cooperation between the academia, industry and research institutions and support the growth of the industry.

Dr. Ryan Chung, Vice President of UMEC(HK) shared the opportunities and challenges facing by the AI chip industry