UMEC(HK) and HKSTP Exchange Experience in Developing Microelectronics Technologies

Mr. Albert Wong, CEO of Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation and his fellows attended a company tour of UMEC(HK) today. Dr. Mei Kei Ieong, CEO of UMEC(HK) as well as our Vice Presidents, Y. K. Li and Ryan Chung welcomed their visit. The HKSTP representatives had visited our research facilities for AI chips and systems development. Our specialists also showcased our research result with real time demonstrations, for example, Visual AI and Analog AI technologies, V2X AI Driver Assistance System and FPGA accelerator.

Plenty of collaboration opportunities were discovered during the tour. With various support from the government and HKSTP, UMEC(HK) will grow at a fast pace and be an active player in the microelectronics ecosystem in Hong Kong, bringing the technologies to the next level and accelerating the development of the industry.

The company tour had sparked multiple collaboration ideas between HKSTP and UMEC(HK)