AI Leading Experts Probe into The Hottest Microelectronics Topics at AI Chips Summit

At the AI Chips Summit dated 5 December 2019, a number of global leading experts from academia and business had some interesting discussions on the hottest microelectronics topics. The highlights of the two panel discussions are summarised as follows.

The first panel discussion was led by Prof. Philip Chan, Deputy President and Provost of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, investigating the new EDA tools and the associated chance for start-ups. Prof. Martin Wong, Dean of Engineering at CUHK pointed out that it is necessary to develop new architecture tools, based on the thorough understanding of the network structure. Dr. Walden Rhine, CEO Emeritus, Mentor, a Siemens Business said heterogeneous system integration was developing rapidly last decade, in term of design planning, thermal analysis, performance prediction, etc. He thought there is huge opportunity for start-ups to supplement the whole ecosystem. Dr. Mei Kei Ieong, CEO of UMEC(HK) expressed that active industry partnership is one of the successful factors of start-ups.

The second panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Ieong, discussing about the essential microelectronics infrastructure in Hong Kong. Dr. H. L. Yiu, Head of Advanced Manufacturing of HKSTP said there will be a 30,000 m² microelectronics centre in Yuen Long, providing necessary facilities for the industry development. Prof. Tim Cheng, Dean of Engineering at HKUST pointed out that Hong Kong can be an ideal research hub due to the concentration of top talents, comprehensive IP protection and capital mobility. Mr. Lincoln Lee, PacRim Technical Director of Mentor, a Siemens Business thought Hong Kong can integrate different parts of the microelectronics industry and become the gateway between the IC design companies and the backend manufacturers.

Please check out the completed event highlights for the interesting sparking points in the keynote presentations and throughout the summit. Don’t forget to download the white paper as well to discover all insightful sharing of the global AI leaders.

Watch the highlight videos of the panel discussions:

Part A:

Part B: