UMEC(HK) Combats COVID-19 Threats with Newly Developed AI-assisted Multi-factor Authentication System and Intelligent Surveillance System

The spread of COVID-19 has aroused international concern on public hygiene and health. Many public places, from restaurants, commercial buildings to transportation hubs, have to measure the body temperature of the incoming guests, as well as to ensure they are wearing a face mask when entering the facilities, causing increased manpower and associated costs. In view of this, UMEC(HK) developed two AI systems to simplify health monitoring in different circumstances.

To enforce health monitoring in restricted access areas, we developed an AI-assisted Multi-factor Authentication System (AIV-100-AC), combining facial recognition with body temperature detection and face mask detection. By prior account registration via simple photo taking, the system can recognise the registrants in real time. The security is further enhanced by a depth camera and the corresponding AI system, that can analyse the front object in 3D dimension, thus it is impossible to get through the gate with someone’s photo. The body temperature detection is performed by a thermal imaging camera to make sure all incoming guests are in normal body temperature. The system can also detect if they are wearing a mask, supported by the well-trained AI dataset. It can be applied to the facilities that need secured access control with instant health detection, such as residential buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, construction sites, etc.

The AI-assisted Multi-factor Authentication System supports facial recognition, anti-spoofing, body temperature detection and face mask detection

For locations that require real-time health monitoring of huge crowds, our newly developed Intelligent Surveillance System (AIV-100-SV) can fulfil the needs perfectly. It supports multiple face detection, that can tell whether each person in a crowd is wearing a mask and wearing it in an appropriate way. Their body temperatures are also detected via thermal imaging. Therefore, if someone is in abnormal body temperature or wearing a mask inappropriately, it can send a warning to the designated personnel. To protect personal data privacy, the system also provides face blurring option. It is applicable to locations with high passenger flow, for example, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, schools, etc. And what’s more, it can be mounted on patrol robots for greater mobility, allowing remote control and real-time situational response.

The Intelligent Surveillance System provides multi-object temperature detection and face mask detection with the aid of deep learning

By adopting the Multi-factor Authentication System and Intelligent Surveillance System, the facilities administrators can secure public health without massive increase of the manpower. The tailored AI systems provide a cost-effective and time-efficient way to combat COVID-19 and any upcoming challenges. We, UMEC(HK) will be a part of the force and contribute to a brighter future of the world.