UMEC Visits LSCM to Spark Novel Tech Ideas

Leading by Dr. Meikei Ieong, Director of UMEC, our delegation visited the Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre (LSCM) today. LSCM is a leading research centre in Hong Kong that is keen on developing logistics and supply chain related technologies and fostering adoption of the technologies by industries in Hong Kong and China. A warm welcome was given by LSCM’s senior management, led by Ir Dr. Alan Lam, Chairman of LSCM and Mr. Simon Wong, CEO of LSCM.

LSCM demonstrated various systems and applications on warehouse management, air cargo management and community services, which supported by cutting-edge technologies such as AI, UWB, robotics, etc. They are successful in turning advance technologies into useful applications that benefit the industry and community. Inspired by the inventions, UMEC and LSCM investigated the potentials of revolutionary AI chips, visual AI, AIoT and positioning technologies to drive digital transformation in different sectors. UMEC’s competencies in ultra-low power edge AI and AI biometric technologies will help solve the existing dilemmas that hinder the industry growth.

By joining hands with domestic and international partners, UMEC aims to shape a more exciting and better future with ground-breaking AI technologies. Strong collaborations between research institutions, academia and industry are crucial to make things happen.

UMEC and LSCM shared ideas on how to turn advance technologies into useful applications