Ultra-low Power Edge AI Chip

To empower intelligent edge devices to perform diversified AI functions with milliwatt level of power consumption

Achievements of Our Proprietary Technologies

  • 50% reduction of required hardware resources
  • 30% reduction of required storage space
  • 50% reduction of analog IC modules

Chip’s Highlights

  • Ultra-low always-on power consumption (2µW) and operation power consumption (6mW)
  • High computation performance (>500 GOPS/W)
  • High-speed image processing (50 FPS)
  • Tiny die size (1.3mm X 1.4mm)

Diversified AI Functions

  • Image recognition (e.g. face detection, object recognition)
  • Speech recognition (e.g. voice activity detection, keyword spotting, speaker verification)
  • Pressure identification
  • Disease identification

Edge AI devices, such as wearable electronic devices, smart home appliances, real-time monitoring devices, micro IoT devices, etc.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at info@umechk.com.