UMEC and PolyU Improve AI Vision Performance with Leading-edge Technologies

Prof. Philip Chan, former Deputy President and Provost and Prof. Yang Chai, Associate Professor of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) paid a visit to UMEC for in-depth knowledge exchanges on AI vision technologies.

After understanding UMEC’s AI vision acceleration platform and various applications like personalised advertising, multi-factor authentication and smart surveillance, the professors shared their thoughts on how the technologies could be further enhanced. As one of the leading universities in the world, they are putting lots of effort in driving advancement of AI technologies and have achieved excellent results. Prof. Yang Chai shared his research on neuromorphic machine vision. By mimicking the retina’s image sensing, memorisation and pre-processing functions, the optoelectronic device invented outperforms existing AI vision systems in both image recognition accuracy and efficiency. It also shows great potential in reducing hardware and power consumption. The audience are thrilled about the new technology and its potential to change the market.

Achieving ultra-low power consumption of AI edge devices is one of the research directions of UMEC. There is much room for collaboration between UMEC and PolyU to explore the unlimited possibilities of AI vision and AIoT, and speed up commercialisation of the technologies.

Prof. Philip Chan and Prof. Yang Chai paid a visit to UMEC for knowledge exchange on AI vision technologies

Prof. Yang Chai shared his leading-edge research on neuromorphic machine vision that improves image recognition performance and efficiency