UMEC and TCL Enrich Electronics Products’ Functionality with Innovative AI Technologies

Being one of the fastest growing consumer electronics companies, TCL always embraces novel technologies in product development. Dr. Dahai Yu, General Manager of TCL Corporate Research visited UMEC to uncover the great potential of AI technologies in renovating their products.

UMEC showcased diversified AI technologies, ranging from 2D to 3D image conversion, visual recognition to voice recognition, that could be used to enhance functionality of the electronics products. For example, AI vison and audio features can be added to TVs to enable touchless control, either by giving motion or voice commands. AI can also simplify and accelerate the 2D to 3D image conversion process, thus improve the performance of 3D TVs.

The collaboration between TCL and UMEC will bring plenty of benefits, apart from improving user experience of the devices, it also facilitating AI research in terms of proof of concept, feedback & improvement, and commercialisation.

TCL Corporate Research’s representatives explored the advance AI technologies that could help improve user experience of the electronics products