UMEC and HKCLR Join Hands to Enhance Intelligent Logistic Robotics

Leading by Prof. Yunhui Liu, Director, Hong Kong Centre for Logistics Robotics (HKCLR), HKCLR delegation visited UMEC to dig out the potential synergies between AI and logistic robots.

HKCLR is an innovative research centre under the AIR@InnoHK research cluster initiative, that focuses on developing and applying robotics and AI technologies in logistics industry. With advance sensing and perception technologies, various kinds of intelligent robots are developed to fit into different scenarios, for example, autonomous driving in warehouses, medical robots for hospitals, etc. UMEC, as a forward-looking research centre devoted to cutting-edge AI chip, system and application development, its technologies can strengthen robots’ capabilities. The AI chip developed by UMEC is complimented with customised algorithms, which can support precise 3D image recognition in high speed, empowering automation of robots.

There was a fruitful discussion between HKCLR and UMEC, that decided multiple cooperation directions. By merging the state-of-the-art technologies of advance research centres, enormous potentials of AI and robotics can be unlocked, bringing great benefits to different industries.

Leading by Prof. Yunhui Liu, HKCLR delegation visited UMEC to explore the potentials of AI-assisted robotics

Dr. Meikei Ieong, Director, UMEC introduced the AI technologies that could strengthen logistic robots’ capability