CityU Professor Ray Cheung Introduces Secured RISC-V Processor Customised for IoT Applications

Prof. Ray Cheung, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong (CityU) shared his research on secure processor for IoT applications with UMEC’s research team today.

As a critical core of IoT security applications, a lightweight secure processor based on RISC-V has been developed by Prof. Cheung. It is featured by low cost and high compatibility, which is highly adaptive to cryptographic protocol changes. A secure architecture is applied to put together the LoRa gateway, LoRa transceiver and FPGA platform. Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies based on virtualisation are used to isolate different layers, so as to enhance security of the trust chain. It is a pioneering market solution that provides a complete communication protocol for secure LoRaWAN network.

The great potential of the secure processor has sparked the interest of the industry. A second-phase research will be carried out to further investigate its possibilities with an extended AI engine, as well as to support AIoT IC chips. UMEC is supportive to the related research and looking forward to its extensive applications in the coming future.

Prof. Ray Cheung explained the Secure LoRa Infrastructure

UMEC’s research team paid full attention to the sharing on secure processor