UMEC-CityU EE Joint Lab Creates Strong Synergies in Microelectronics Research

United Microelectronics Centre (Hong Kong) Limited (UMEC) and Department of Electrical Engineering of City University of Hong Kong (CityU EE) had formed a joint lab to pursue leading microelectronics technologies and nurture tech talents. An opening ceremony cum seminar was held to kick-start the collaboration.

Officiated by Prof. Stella Pang, Head and Chair Professor, CityU EE, the ceremony was a great success. Over a hundred of participants joined it either onsite or online. Prof. Stella Pang and Dr. Meikei Ieong, Director, UMEC announced the grand opening of the UMEC-CityU EE Joint Lab and hanged the logo plate on the CityU EE Joint Lab Logo Wall together. “We are excited to partner with CityU EE to form a joint lab. Currently, AI and microelectronics have drawn great attention and attracted plentiful investment, which create countless opportunities for the whole industry. The joint lab enables our mutual effort in the cutting-edge technology research and nurture of tech talents and domain experts, that support the industry growth in long run. We are very much looking forward to the strong synergies with CityU EE.” said Dr. Meikei Ieong.

In the seminar, Dr. Ieong further expressed his expectations towards the joint lab. By leveraging the R&D expertise of UMEC and CityU EE, he hoped that more advanced research could be conducted in fields of secured AIoT, advanced packaging, metasurfaces and other AI and microelectronics-related technologies. The joint lab will foster talent exchange between academia and industry, so as to nurture abundant high calibre talents to support the industry development. More joint events and activities are also expected in the future.

The establishment of the UMEC-CityU EE Joint Lab was a milestone representing the mutual commitment of UMEC and CityU EE in driving the local microelectronics development. Together, they will support the rapid industry growth with essential talent supply and technological innovations.

Prof. Stella Pang and Dr. Meikei Ieong announced the establishment of the UMEC-CityU EE Joint Lab

A group photo was taken in front of the CityU EE Joint Lab Logo Wall

Dr. Meikei Ieong expressed his expectations towards the UMEC-CityU EE Joint Lab

The audience were attentive to the sharing in the seminar